Monday, December 17, 2012

No place I would rather be than here in perfect love, captivated not by myth but by reality's Creator.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't ever forget, son, that it is only what I think about you that matters in the end.  ~  The Father

Friday, December 7, 2012

There He Sits

As men all but forget beautiful purity, trampling her into the mud with the soles of corrupted minds filled with vain philosophies and demonically inspired thoughts; as women look for freedom in dark caves, for liberty in cages; as youth shrivel the substance of their souls with the mindless drivel of entertainment, young men sacrificing their manhood for pleasure's opposite and young women sacrificing their womanhood for the same; as kings and dictators and rulers refuse to do homage to the Son, the creator of all power and authority; as the poor and the needy bear the brunt of injustice, the product of an unbridled, undead selfishness; as men forsake their normal functions and women forsake theirs; as the whole mass of humanity forsakes goodness and even calls it evil; as it embraces evil and even calls it goodness; and as it stumbles toward the brink of chaos drunk on the wine of immorality, He sees.  No thing is hidden from His fiery sight.  And every pair of eyes will one day gaze into His as He peers into the the very center of selfhood, unearthing the beat of each heart.  That moment is mere seconds from being what we call the present, when eternity in all its terror bears down on human spirits.  Are you ready?  Don't be swept away in a flash flood of filth.  But always be beholding the throne; and the One who sits upon it.