Sunday, September 18, 2011

Small...Very Small

          Though my works of good included all of what the apostles did and more, I am as close to crossing this great and boundless ocean that is His grace as if I still stand on the shore. (the rhyme was unintentional:)

Not you...Him!

          Stop basing your measure of faith on your personal capabilities.  For faith is believing in something you cannot reach, jumping to something you cannot see; things your limited mind and physical abilities cannot grasp or partake of.  "Impossibleis God's realm.  The key is to understand that we in and of ourselves are limited and helpless, but also to take our eyes off of what we cannot do once that understanding is in place, and behold, meditate on, dwell on, that which God can do through us.

Hebrews 7 - Jesus the Intercessor

          Let us enter the throne room of God and take our place on our knees next to that Great Intercessor.  Let us feel His arms wrap around our shoulders as He lays on our hearts His dreams and burdens, and brings us deeper and deeper into the waters of intercession.  For "He ever lives to intercede on our behalf."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Father, show me that for which you designed me.

"I Will Waste My Life," Misty Edwards

This has been the most impacting song in my life.  Misty Edwards is such a passionate, sincere follower of Christ, and her songs demonstrate her intense devotion to the Lord.  If any song has changed my life, if any song has brought me closer to the Father, it is this one.

Monday, September 12, 2011


All of the constituents of a person function at the pinnacle of their potential in the context of the Spirit.